Remortgaging for equity release could provide you with an ideal solution. At Acclaimed Equity Release we will provide you with impartial advice to help you make the decision that is right for your future…

Remortgage to Release Equity

Young Couple helped by Equity ReleaseYour house is often your greatest asset. Within its walls, its bricks and its windows lies the evidence of the hours that you’ve worked over your lifetime to pay for your home and create your memories. At Acclaimed Equity Release we understand that you may need to access the capital tied up in your house. Often, pensions and savings are not enough to give you the resources you want or need, and if you do not wish to downsize to a smaller property, then equity release is one solution.

We can provide you with careful, considered advice to help you resolve your remortgaging concerns. We have several years’ experience in the equity release industry and are proud to be winners of the “Equity Release Adviser of the Year – Sole Trader category” in both 2013 and 2014.

What is equity release? Equity release means that you can access the capital that is currently tied up in your house, without needing to resort to selling or downsizing. It is a safe way to utilise the equity in your home if you are aged over 55 or you are looking for a retirement income.

There are many reasons why people choose to remortgage to release equity. They may wish to help children or grandchildren with a deposit for the purchase of their own home. Pensions may not have been as productive as previously excepted, or you may have unexpected costs, such as the care of a dependant. These are just a small selection of reasons why individuals have come to us at Acclaimed Equity Release for advice about remortgaging to release equity in their property.

When you approach Acclaimed Equity Release, we will treat your enquiry with the same due care and attention that we give to all of our clients, and you will benefit from our award winning service. We listen carefully to our clients and endeavour to provide measured and meaningful advice.

We never push our clients into equity release if it is not right for them. Every client is different and requirements vary. With us, you can be confident that we will assist you to reach the right decision for your unique situation. All our employees share the company’s ethical and moral stance, which is to provide our clients with sound financial advice, which ensures the decision that they ultimately reach is the right one for them.

We will take time to explain the pros and cons of remortgaging to release equity. As with all financial decisions, there will be a balance between what you require now and what you would like to keep for the future. With us you can trust that we will explain both sides of the argument, giving you the confidence to make an informed final decision. To discuss remortgaging to release equity, please contact us at Acclaimed Equity Release.

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